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Gosia Nowak

I come from Czempin, but I spent most of my life in Poznan, where I graduated from sw. Maria Magdalena high school and Adam Mickiewicz University.

I have lived and worked in Wroclaw for 3 years. I started to travel when I was in primary school. I hitch-hiked in South Europe. United States and Turkey I visited all by myself. Marcin and me were together in Siberia, Ethiopia, India and Kyrgyzstan.

Marcin Nowak

I was born near Poznan but spend most of my life in Kaczki Srednie. Twelwe years ago I moved to Wroclaw. I graduated from Wroclaw Institute of Technology (computer science). I worked there as a teacher couple of years. I was also an editor in Computer Magazine CHIP.

My traveling started in the university - I was in Maroco then. Two years later I visited India, then Norway (Lofoten), Kenya, eastern Turkey, Siria, Russia (Siberia), Ethiopia and Kyrgyzstan.


We are mountains' lovers. Marcin was on Mt. Kenya (4985 m), both of us on Ras Dashen in Ethiopia (4620 m), Parang La pass in indian Himalayas (5578 m n.p.m.) and reached 6150 m during Pik Lenin expedition (7134 m n.p.m.).

For more informations about our travels go to "Our Travels" section.